Q&A | Capacitive iPad Cover

We see our products as a gateway to electronics in unexpected places and INKO is no exception. When Alexandre Echasseriau combined tattooing, leather work and Electric Paint he found a way to produce a capacitive keyboard with a precise design. Alexandre now works with Appropriate Audiences, who have hacked a 3D printer to create a tattooing machine, and are using Electric Paint to make circuits and sensors on leather. Excited to learn more, Grace quizzed Alexandre on how his project came about and his unique application of our conductive paint.

Photos: Alexandre Echasseriau and Corrine Stoll

Why did you chose to work with Electric Paint and leather?

I really wanted to explore the potential of Electric Paint. Tattooing the paint rather than screen printing or painting opened up an opportunity to create a sustainable and robust PCB circuit. The luck was that after a little dilution, the paint could be perfectly tattooed and conducts very well. The actual shape of the cover/keyboard was done in one step by the leather worker, using embossing techniques which helped to achieve a “keystroke”.