BLOG | Interactive Art with Bob and Roberta Smith

Artist Bob and Roberta Smith and Yorkshire Sculpture Park have opened Art for All, an exhibition that aims to celebrate the National Arts Education Archive’s 30th birthday. Through a series of workshops and events, the museum has also explored the role of today’s technology in education, and engaged children in producing their own work to go into the exhibition.

Bare Conductive were delighted to be asked to help run a workshop with the Touch Board Starter Kit in August. We also got the chance to talk to Bob and Roberta Smith about his impressions of Electric Paint and the Touch Board, as well as their role in building bridges between art, science and technology subjects in schools.

The exhibition includes one of the pieces produced during the workshop, and runs until January 2016. It is a beautiful space and really exciting show, so make sure to check it out if you’re in the neighbourhood.