BLOG | Programming Expression

We’ve been super excited to show this prototype off for a while, and now its here! We’ve teamed up with designer and musician Vahakn Matossian from Human Instruments to create an expressive digital instrument. Unique in its form and output, this physically dynamic instrument uses code as a means to allow for complex musical expression.

Working alongside musicians who had full dexterity in their hands and fingers — but perhaps lacked the strength to manipulate and control traditional instruments — led Matossian to explore alternative means to instrument-design. He began to investigate the use of open source hardware and sensors as a means to developing new interfaces to allow control over notes and music via synthesisers. Expression was fundamentally the key goal.

This instrument is unique in that it not only provides a flexible and expressive means for disabled musicians to engage with music, but also allows a new way for able bodied musicians to play and compose music.

This project won the Graham Massey  choice award at Music Tech Fest in Umea, Sweden. Massey — from 808 state — was blown away by the potential of the instrument. “It’s a really expressive instrument that can be useful to everyone. I can’t wait to have a go on it!”

As for us, we’re really excited about what this instrument means to musicians of all abilities, and look forward to seeing what new development our technology will enable in the field of digital interfaces.

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