BLOG | Resonate 2015

Part visual arts festival, part digital culture forum and part all-night rave, Resonate is an annual coming-together of people on a mission to do bigger and better things with digital media. We were honoured to be asked to give a workshop and talk this year, so in mid-April Matt and Stefan travelled to Belgrade!

We kicked our trip off with a one-day Touch Board workshop with about 25 attendees. Four teams worked to outfit a fictional future Earth escape craft with everything we needed to live, eat, work and party our way to a brave new beginning. We saw empathetically designed communication glasses, two control systems for the spacecraft (including one driving a realtime 3D model via MIDI, complete with love-lasers!), and a system for determining the best in space cuisine flavour combinations. As always, we were blown away by the creativity and resourcefulness of our users and the variety and quality of their output. Thanks to everyone who attended and made it such an unforgettable time!

That night should have been an easy one – but no chance. The festival organisers were incredibly dedicated in their hospitality and whisked us off to a performance of Transcranial by Kyle McDonald, Daito Manabe and Klaus Obermaier. This mash-up of digital muscular control, real-time body distortion and dance is as profoundly moving as it is difficult to describe. The closest we can get to doing it justice would be to describe it as a dance performance focused on digitally dismantling the human form into constituent parts and reassembling it before your eyes. If you ever get a chance to see a performance it comes highly recommended.

The following morning, we got up bright and early for Matt to give a talk covering some of the most projects that people have completed using our products. It was lovely to meet so many enthusiasts, including several of our Kickstarter backers.From there we could start to relax and take in some of the other talks and performances.

Resonate was closed by the awesome force of nature that is Nelly Ben Hayoun, who gave us a total bombardment of her journey from the South of France, via nuclear reactors and crocodile farms to her founding of the International Space Orchestra and her upcoming documentary, Disaster Playground. There were too many other great speakers and events to mention them all individually, and the evening music programme was an event in itself. What we can say is that (a) we had an amazing time, and can’t wait for next year, (b) if you get a chance to attend Resonate in the future, we don’t think that you will regret it and (c) we still need a bit of time to recover from the overwhelming number of fantastic projects we saw there!