BLOG | Workshop at Kuuva Gallery

Bare Conductive headed over to Amsterdam in early August to run a Touch Board and Electric Paint workshop at Kuuva Gallery, the home of Present Plus (the founders of WeTransfer). We took the opportunity to introduce new painting techniques and Touch Board skills to a great group of participants, one of whom had travelled all the way from Berlin by bus!

The projects varied from interactive wearables, architectural sensors created with strips of painted masking tape, and a games. It was great to see a cross-pollination of skills and ideas, and people really putting the Touch Board to the test! We’ve selected some highlights of the day below.

Touch Sensing Game

This game was like a modern version of Twister, activated by two players at the same time. This team also experimented with large sensors and interesting, graphical arrangements of wires on the ground. The team told us a bit about their project during their presentation: “It requires the participants to collaborate. You will hear an initial series of chords when you put your hands and feet on the matching pads on the floor, but we’re still working on making them all make sounds at the same time!”

Watch this space for more news on workshops, and some upcoming resources that will help you run your own!