Boxer Conor McGregor got conductive

Vicki Soar is a British Art Psychotherapist, working in a trauma centre in Australia. Art is her passion, she loves making portraits and trying to capture the essence of the person, in the art she makes.

This Conor McGregor mural was thought of to surprise to Vicki’s friend Perry for his birthday. Perry is a massive UFC fan who had recently completed his ultimate ‘fight room’. Conor McGregor is a world famous MMA fighter and inspiring character in more ways than one.


Perry’s girlfriend Prue and Vicki wanted to do a mural of Conor but one that made everyone feel like they had the Irish fighter there with them. This talking painting was created using the Bare Conductive Touch Board, wired up to six of the ”NOTORIOUS” letters.

Conor’s face and the background were painted in acrylic and the letters were then painted with Electric Paint.

When a letter is touched one of Conor’s infamous quotes comes out of the speaker. They carefully choose their favourite Conor sayings and downloaded them into MP4 files and uploaded them to the memory card, which slots into the Touch Board.

An advantage to using the Touch Board is how easy it is to customise the sound clips that can be attached to the letters, this makes this mural very exciting.

Vicki and Prue have little experience doing a project like this but found it enjoyable and easy to navigate.

They consulted Duncan, an electrician who helped them realise they needed to reset/calibrate the Touch Board to get the sound to play when the letters are touched.

They found a disadvantage was telling Perry early about this project, he got too excited and wanted to help. This resulted in a wonky board too close to the letters. It was difficult to paint the lines so close together without smudging them. It was initially planned to paint lines from each letter to the nodes but this became too difficult and was smudged.

The solution to this was to use the wires to make the line stronger. Prue uncovered the copper wire, tied it around the node and connected it to the strong connection of the line closer to the letter and fixed it with electrician tape. Unfortunately, this looked a little messy so Perry created a shelf to cover this, making a USB port to give power to the Touch Board.

Prue and Vicki wanted to make sure the letters were thick enough to work, it was easy to apply and has a consistency like tar, water was added and successfully helped it spread. It went further than the pair anticipated which was a positive outcome as they have plenty of paint left over from this project (they used the 50ml jar of Electric Paint for the letters and the 10ml tube for the lines).

It dried quickly, although the excited duo were not patient enough so used a hairdryer, this worked well at helping it dry quickly. Mod Podge was used to seal the letters and protect them which was easy to apply.

The painting works brilliantly and continues to amaze all the friends and family who come into the fight room. It is an exciting and everchanging feature. Perry loves watching fights with his mate Conor and the trio cannot wait for the Irish legend to come to try out this Bare Conductive masterpiece.

Images & Video: Vicki Soar

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