Building Interactive Touch Walls – Interview with TAGBIN

We came across the Interactive Touch Wall you built with our Touch Board. Can you tell us more about the idea and inspiration behind this project?

The idea and the inspiration behind the Touch Wall was when we wanted to display something gigantic in information on a big screen. People love going through the information on huge screens and therefore, incorporating the use of projectors, we created this project. Now, if we talk about the “TOUCH” and the “INTERACTION”, people love playing and using the “touch” features, hence it was more or less evident that an interactive touch will be a success and that’s exactly what has happened.  The Interactive Touch Wall is one of the most used experiential set-ups in events today.

What was the process of making such a large-scale installation? Did you encounter any difficulties?

The process of such a large scale installation was well-calculated and executed with proper planning. Firstly, a 3D Model of the set-up was prepared before the actual installation. This gave us an idea of how would things actually work. Projection mapping was also an integral part of the process. Everything was first pre-made at our research land and then eventually it was assembled at the event site. We also incorporated the use of the Bare Conductive Touch Board with Copper plates and we must say it worked like a charm. If we talk about the issues we faced, we won’t deny it. The main bottlenecks we faced was resetting the board every time there were a few changes.

Have you done any other projects using our products? Is there anything you’d change in the way our boards work?

We’ve used for the Touch Wall that can also be used in various events. As of what we’d love to have on the board is to be able to increase the number of inputs and auto calibration. That would really help us with our projects.

How do you see the future of disruptive technology and smart applications?

The future of disruptive technology and smart applications are certainly going to transform lives of many as innovation is something which is constantly evolving. These will also be one of the major factors which will also give a push to the business sector and also the economy. Emerging technologies and global trends are reshaping the world and disruptive technology and smart applications are playing a major role in the entire process. The confluence of many innovative and disruptive technologies in conjunction, assure us a tsunami of change.

What’s in the pipeline for TAGBIN?

Creating, innovating, giving more real-life experiences to clients, trials of new products, gauging the mindset of clients, building awareness and momentum of experiential solutions and maximizing the use of experiential technology in events is something we are currently looking forward to.

Images & Video: TAGBIN

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