Capong & Finger Twister | Gesture Control using the Pi Cap

Pong and Twister are some of our favourite games. In a recent workshop, we were lucky to have Paul Tanner, Tina Aspiala and Ross Atkin hack these classic games with the Pi Cap and give them a new twist.

Why the Pi Cap? This Raspberry Pi add-on allows you to add precise capacitive touch, proximity sensing and high-quality audio to Raspberry Pi projects. It works with the Raspberry Pi A+, B+, Zero and later (any Raspberry Pi with a 40 pin GPIO connector). With the sensing precision of the Touch Board, and the computing power of the Raspberry Pi, the Pi Cap is a great tool for transforming physical inputs to digital outputs. Find out more about the Pi Cap’s features here.

Liked this project and want to make your own? Head here to see the step by step tutorial.

Find out more about the Pi Cap’s features or get yours today our online shop.