Christmas Wish List – Best of 2018

As the gifting season approaches, so too might the looming fear of finding the best gift for your tech and gadget enthusiast friends. To give you some options (and hopefully, help!) we asked our technology, engineering and art friends for their Christmas wish list.

Now all you need to do is get through the list without making a shopping list for yourself!

When she’s not creating fascinating cosplay costumes, Amie DD, loves creating projects using tech tools.

For all soldering enthusiasts, she recommends her favourite solder sucker. The tip is a soft silicone, so doesn’t melt. As for accessories, she’s a fan of these bendable arms with clips, which hold items when soldering. Handy right?

Something for their next idea prototype? This Arduino compatible built-in breadboard works perfectly with Arduino shields and Lego bricks.

For those who are into 3D printing, Amie recommends the Candy Apple Metallic Red HTPLA by Proto-Pasta. Oh yes, it’s red and sparkly – great for some Christmas creations.

The Onion Omega 2+ Microcontroller board enables makers of all skill levels to build connected hardware applications. Once plugged in, it boots the operating system right away and can understand a variety of programming languages; Python, NodeJS, PHP. It can also be used with AWS, IBM Watson and Google Cloud.

Ignacio loves experimenting with electronics and the Alhambra board isn’t one to be missed on his list. The IceZUM Alhambra + Ice Studio is the perfect combination for those who’d like to start working with free FPGA.

A versatile classic? A MacBook Pro 18 – also on Ignacio’s list. If your special one is an Apple fan, then you know the gift.

The Ultimaker s5 3D printer delivers accurate, industrial-grade parts, time and again. It might be pricey for a gift, but it’s an absolutely great recommendation for those that work in the industry and are looking for a 3D printing solution.

Mattias is into engineering, 3D printing and programming. He also loves using new tools and sharing his ideas and knowledge with his community.

Another 3D printing suggestion – Mattias’s pick is the Ultimaker 3. This one has a high uptime and fast changeovers with swappable print cores.

One that’s still on his wish list is the Adafruit HUZZAH Board. The combination of the tiny form factor, WIFI, BLE and the battery charger makes this the perfect microcontroller in his eyes. A given for almost any Arduino project.

He’s always looking for new project ideas and the Peristaltic Liquid Pump is must have for all makers’ toolbox.

He kept the best for the last – a Picade machine! Who wouldn’t love to have this next to their workstation?

Ross is an origami artist and if you haven’t visited his Instagram page yet, you should – it’s really amazing.

If you or your friends are into crafts, paper creations and origami, Ross suggests the Cameo Plotter, to be able to cut and score paper with ease.

Ross has been also experimenting with Bare Conductive products. He’d like to create some projection mapping installations and the Mini LED projector would make the perfect tool for this job. Now you know!

For all animation creators, Ross recommends the Animation rig for creating frame rigs. This one is built specifically for this and makes it easier to animate moving and flying objects.

A camera is never a bad idea. Everyone loves capturing their best moments and holidays mean lots of moments to capture. The Sony Alpha a6300 has the world’s fastest autofocus speed and most extensive autofocus coverage, a newly developed sensor and a high-resolution 4k video recording.

Thomas Evans is an Artist who makes interactive paintings which incorporate tech tools. His Instagram page has tons of great artwork worth checking out.

Artists need to be able to document their projects and Thomas knows this well. The GoPro Hero7 is one gift that covers those bases. Being able to document a project with 4k resolution in various frame rates is invaluable.

We all have a friend that uses their phone non-stop and is always running low on battery. Why not get them a power station that will make sure they’re covered. Thomas recommends the Mophie portable battery pack as it keeps his tech items charged while travelling or when he’s on a job site.

If the person you’re thinking of is extra hands-on and loves to build from scratch, the X-carve is a super affordable CNC machine that can be used to create a variety of objects from wood, acrylic and metals. This machine is a maker’s dream and is a completely open source, so makers can deck out their own x-carve machine with custom features.

For any Macbook user, the Side Winder will be a gem. This simple but clever winder allows MacBook users to keep their charger nice and tidy. It’s able to extend when needed, never tangles and keeps cables tidy when they’re on the move.

We hope that this wish list has given you some unique gift ideas. If you still haven’t found the right gift, we’ve also made our own Gift Guide too.

Happy Holidays!