Conductive Paint Interactive Graphics

The idea of Interactive Graphics was to create a musical instrument by linking graphic images and sounds.

Simona Misovicova studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia and she created the Interactive Graphics installation as part of her studies.

To make her designs interactive and multidimensional she used Electric Paint, but to turn them into musical instruments, she incorporated the Touch Board.

Her idea was to bring the graphics to life by creating touch sensors, with the help of Electric Paint.

After some testing and prototyping, she realised that she had to create two graphics. She screen printed on wooden boards and used the conductive paint as trigger points. She was able to attach the Touch Board on a small plexiglass plate, between the two graphics.

At the bottom of the graphics, magnets support the Touch Board fixture and connection. Simona used copper tape for the connection between the board and the conductive paint.

Each graphic piece corresponds to a different sound, connected to each of the shapes within the artwork. The sounds on the Touch Board’s SD card are easily changed, so there is no limit of sounds someone can use or change. 

She designed the graphics in a way which facilitates the easy movement of the Touch Board from one of the art pieces to the other. Working with Electric Paint and the Touch Board has been an exciting experience and experiment for Simona. We can’t wait to see more of her work!

Images & Video: Simona Misovicova

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