Crafting Conductivity

Our community always surprises us with their amazingly interesting projects. On this occasion, we’re featuring work by Grace Holliday, Mark Maker and Arjun Harrison-Mann.

Dr Rathna Ramanathan, Head of Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art, invited Grace Holliday and Arjun Harrison-Mann to collaborate on organising the Crafting Conductivity workshops series, which was led by Mark Maker, a professional freelance Illustrator.

The project’s objective was to bring together both digital and handmade elements of design, and in so doing, to provoke a conversation between the two disciplines and play with the potential of interactivity within communication design. Over the course of four weeks, RCA students took part in a number of tailored tasks learning how to use Arduino software and engaging with physical, sensory computing.

The tasks that Arjun and Grace got the students involved with focused on a different conductive outcome each week. They explored mark-making as a form of circuitry and sensory outcome to trigger sound, LED lights, motors (creating their own drawing machine prototypes). They also worked with recording and sound play back. 

The team is planning to run more curated workshops of this kind using Bare Conductive’s products at the RCA in the next academic year. We can’t wait to see what next year’s Touch Board and Electric Paint workshops bring!

We’d love to see more projects using our products, so don’t hesitate to send us yours!