Detour X NBA All-Stars X Mountain Dew

To make the paintings interactive, Detour used the Touch Boards‘ MIDI interface option to add the dynamic sound experience to the pieces.

He used amplifiers and JBL noise cancelling headphone for the installation so everyone that experienced the pieces could feel like they were escaping to another musical world. They all had a different baseline track that looped the entire time and then they included soundbites that related to basketball culture. Sounds like dribbling and swishes.

Detour also bought a couple of very simple cheap computers to install on the back of the pieces and ran Apple Logic Pro for three days straight. Throughout the three days, they had over a thousand different patrons, celebrities, movie execs, actors, NBA players, and more come through and try the installation. It was a huge success.

Detour says that after digesting the reaction of the gallery installation, he thinks there is a lot to improve upon. He actually has plans to make everything wireless so that troubleshooting can happen without taking down or flipping over any of the pieces.

With improvements to Bare Conductive’s Pi Cap and expansion of the number of nodes by combining the boards together, he’s planning for the next show to be even better.

We can’t wait to see his next project!

To see more videos showcasing Detour’s interactive work, visit his YouTube channel.

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