Everything we Love

It’s always nice to share your love and Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to do it! So this year, we’re featuring a list of a few things our team here at Bare Conductive love the most. We challenged everyone to pick only one thing – tough, we know– so here we go.

For culture lovers

Matt loves the New Yorker’s article about Michael Heizer’s city, which is apparently a monument to outlast humanity. His work is inspired by ancient ritual cities and it’s made from rocks, sand and concrete mined and mixed on site. Read what Heizer says in this article to get a full picture.

To Kill a Mockingbird seems to be Becky’s favourite book. Who wouldn’t love it? Becky told us that she found it on the bookshelf of her house-share when she was doing her first design internship for Lunar Design in San Francisco. She read it on her walk to work every day. If you haven’t ready it yet, just buy it. Such soul euphoria!

Well, not your typical favourite thing, but Wikipedia holds a special place in Stefan’s heart. Stefan thinks Wikipedia is really worthy of our love, especially with the way global politics are shaping out at the moment. We couldn’t agree more!

For graphics and organisation lovers

Bibi loves this super cool Tumblr feed where things are organised neatly. It’s so satisfying to see them so well organised and structured, makes you feel like making a mess… Makes us think back to when Bibi was making all her 3D packaging models and putting them in order.

Do you remember the graphing paper we had at school when you had to do maths? Well, you guessed it, there’s people who are obsessed with it. Isabel is one of them! Wait there’s more… You can’t take her to a stationery shop without her wanting to buy a notebook. Even though she has loads of unused ones back home. The smaller the square the better… Say no more.

Did you know that there’s a website, where you can learn how to write graphic shaders by modifying thousands of user-created examples? We didn’t! But, of course, Jonathon knew about it and he says that it’s also perfect for improving your Raspberry Pi graphics skills.

For gadget lovers

Are you a coffee lover like Owen? If so, he definitely recommends you to get a Gaggia Classic coffee machine. It’s Italian and subsequently very temperamental, but with a bit of TLC, it makes amazing coffee! A necessity with 3 kids!

It wouldn’t be a gadget list without a gaming console, right? Pascal loves the Nintendo Switch because it has a strong game line-up, interesting hardware and it’s a childhood dream coming true: he always wanted to play the games he was playing at home when commuting.

Dimitra loves physical photos, because you can actually touch them! She loves the Polaroid Snap Instant camera, which can print your favourite moments instantly. How amazing!

Last but not least, we wouldn’t be tech lovers, without something techier. Laura loves Monzo. Monzo is a debit card/app with absolutely no fees when you pay abroad in another currency. It’s very convenient and on the plus side, you receive a notification on your phone as soon as you make a payment. And the card is a lovely orange bright colour. Thank us later!

Well, we love more things than just those listed above, but we hope you enjoyed our favourites. You might find some inspiration for a little gift for your loved ones, or just for yourself.

We’d love to hear what you love the most, so share the Love @BareConductive!