Father’s Day Gifts 2017 – Wishlist

Father’s Day is around the corner and at Bare Conductive we’ve been talking about what gifts to get for our cool dads! There were so many ideas to choose from that we couldn’t decide, so we asked a few of our community friends to share their suggestions for our wishlist. Perhaps they can help you choose the best gift for your beloved dad too?

Our friend Esteban from the team at EJ Tech suggested the recent best-selling book The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future by Kevin Kelly. It’s not so gadget-focused but the book is an awesome read. It’s very optimistic and to Esteban, it feels like an accurate view of technology’s impact on society and our culture. His dad loves sci-fi too, so what better choice than non-fiction sci-fi? 🙂

His dad also LOVES to check the weather, cloud movements and sunrise-sunset times, in fact, all manner of meteorological phenomena! Usually, he checks this out with various apps on his phone, but the Sensor Master watch is so much cooler. A good option for all badass, outdoor dads.

Is your dad still cool after sunset? Esteban and his dad have always been fans of stars, constellations and space in general. Not so much in the theoretical space/time astrophysics sense, but the peaceful yet intimidating aesthetics of the night sky! It’s hardly surprising that he chose the amazing Orion telescope. Maybe your Astro-dad would love this too?

Our friend Angelo from eepblog says that setting the right mood while getting work done is really important, so if you add the right music, you can accomplish things much faster and have more fun while you do it! He recommends the DeWalt Jobsite Bluetooth speaker because it’s tough, durable and can be powered from drill batteries! With this, your dad will be able to enjoy his favourite songs wherever he is drilling or soldering.

Artist Thomas Evans (I am Detour) also suggested his cool gift ideas for Father’s Day:

With Amazon Echo Dot any dad will be able to get information at any point in the day.

Or if your dad a is more of a Google fan, then Google Home is a great alternative to the Amazon Echo.

If your dad is into photography, why not give his pictures and videos a boost with an Olloclip original, a tiny, but high-quality camera lens made to fit on current iPhones and iPads.

If your dad is a little forgetful, add a tile to any of his items to make sure he never loses it again with Tile Mate.

Now that the Apple Watch has been out for a while, the price is more reasonable and it’s a fantastic gift for both tech and non-tech dads.

Designer, Marco Bazelmans shares some other ideas:

The beautifully designed National cards are fun to look at, play with and would be a special gift for any gentleman’s collection.

Or you could get a copy of The Process Is The Inspiration by the awesome House Industries, written all about where and how we can find inspiration – a must have book for every creative dad out there. 😉

These are a bit expensive, and to be honest, they’re probably more on the Bare Conductive team’s wishlist but Palette are really nice gadgets for digital creatives, perhaps those using Lightroom a lot and are in need of better control – beautifully designed and would a special gift for dads.

We’ve got one final gift for you: if you give your dad the gift of touch with either a Raspberry Pi compatible Pi CapElectric Paint 50ml jar or an  Electric Paint 10 ml tube and get a 20% discount at checkout when you use the code fathersday20. Go on! Surprise him!