How to create interactive surfaces with Electric Paint

They then connected the circuit and tested the communication with processing. After that, they also mounted the Arduino and breadboard on to the back of the piece and drilled two holes to insert mounting hooks so they could hang the piece on a wall. To pull everything together, they used a projector to project the zodiac signs onto each circle. 

What if the zodiac wheel could become a regular clock? What else could the 12 circles be adapted into? After testing with the projector, they also thought that the projected symbols were really beautiful and charming — maybe more so than painted zodiac symbols might have been. They also glowed a bit brighter than light acrylic paint might have dried on top of the black conductive ink. 

Olivia told us that right now, the zodiac wheel only pulls one hardcoded horoscope reading when the user touches their sign. But their idea is to configure an Astrology/Horoscope API to pull daily or monthly horoscope readings.

Images & Video: Olivia Greco, Chi-Ching Tsai, Jiya Seo and Kaitlin Carano

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