How We Built Bare Conductive

In early 2017, while sales of our paint, hardware, and kits were growing, emails started trickling in from industry. Organizing this inbound interest suddenly revealed that we had placed ourselves inside of a valuable technology assessment workflow. For example, an engineer has an idea, googles “conductive ink” and finds us first. They click on the site and find easy-to-access information and an approachable brand. They can buy our technology straight from the shop and get it the next day. No forms, logistics, or salespeople to stand in the way of prototyping.

We conscientiously built the brand and site to be easy to access, because as engineers and designers, that’s how we would want it. We know that every engineer wants to prototype, iterate, and play on their own time. Why not make it easy for them?

We’re working on hygiene devices with Rentokil Initial. We’re building world-beating smart home products with IKEA. And we’re up to exciting things with DuPont. By next year, we’ll be able to announce partners in the automotive, healthcare, wearables, and insurance spaces too. We’re currently conducting ambitious pilots and development projects with partners around the world.

In 2020 the first of these projects will become a product, and you’ll be able to see a “powered by Bare Conductive” badge on the bottom. But you’ll also see this same technology presented back to our community, as a tool for prototyping the next killer app. We have evolved from four students mixing paint in a flat in North London to a company reinventing whole categories of devices with the world’s most successful companies.

It hasn’t been a straight line from a student project to a wildly successful business. But I’m incredibly proud of the way that we’ve nurtured our vision and stuck to our principles. In doing so, we’ve built a fantastic team, attracted forward-thinking investors, and partnered with world-beating companies. I can’t imagine a better foundation for the next ten years.