IFA 2017 Highlights

We were at IFA a couple of weeks ago, the Internationale Funkausstellung, is one of the largest consumer electronics faires in Europe. It takes place in Berlin once a year.

IFA is a showcase for the latest products and emerging technologies. We were lucky enough to be there alongside Hardware Club with many other tech companies.

We had a great time and spoke to many of you about our upcoming plans and your projects. As some of you couldn’t make it, we thought that it’d be great to share our impressions with you.

Our stand was next to the Belgian Muuselabs team, who were there to showcase their Jooki jukebox. With Jooki children can explore and listen to music safely and entertainingly in our digital age. The playlists are stored in small plastic figurines and these figurines can be quickly swapped. We can’t recall how many times we got to listen to Despacito!

On our right was BleepBleeps, who were presenting a gadget that makes parenting easier. They had their popular Soozy Snooze with them too! Soozy Snooze is a multitool: night lamp, sleep soother and baby monitor.

Nanoleaf was also there with Hardware Club. They were showcasing some impressive modular smart lighting panels which hung behind their booth. These panels can change colour and with an add-on, they can even respond to music. We loved these!

As Bare Conductive is based in London, many of us live in flats and don’t have access to gardens. With Click & Grow you can bring your garden into your flat! You plant the seed capsules into the machine, add some water and the machine takes care of the rest by imitating sunlight. Fresh herbs without effort, a chef’s dreams. The team was really nice to send us one sample for free. Can’t wait to grow some fresh basil!

We saw so many cool gadgets, technologies, and toys that we can only recommend you go to IFA next year and check it out for yourself if you get a chance. Berlin even graced us with a double rainbow!

Hope to see you all there next year!