Interactive poster with famous anime heroes

This project is for all manga and anime enthusiasts out there. The interactive poster that Saskia Hossfeld designed is inspired by her favourite anime heroes.

We’re fans of manga ourselves, so this idea caught our eye immediately, we decided to find out more.

Saskia studies Communication and UX Design and wanted to use the Touch Board and Electric Paint to trigger sound. She didn’t know what exactly she wanted to create, so she started searching for different characters of her favourite childhood series’ and decided to create a poster with all of them together.

Saskia drew the characters on paper, and then used Electric Paint to fill out some sections of each character in the illustration. The goal was to turn her design into an interactive poster where people could listen to each character by touching the conductive sections of the picture.

To make the poster interactive, Saskia connected the conductive paint with the Touch Board. She did this by piercing a few small holes in the paper to connect the front with the backside of the poster.

Initially this technique didn’t work very well because the paint application was too thin. To reinforce the connection Saskia used some wires to connect the painted areas with the Touch Board.

The last step was to upload her own MP3s on the SD card by following one of the tutorials we have on our Make page and connecting the Touch Board to the speaker. After installing everything, the poster worked perfectly and you could hear the sound of each character by touching the conductive points.


This is a very interesting and easy to make project. You can follow Saskia’s steps and create your own interactive poster with your favourite heroes.

Images: Saskia Hossfeld

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