Interactive Vinyl Installation

This interactive vinyl installation comes from Italy and it focuses on music and sound you can produce with the Touch Board and Electric Paint.

We caught up with Okotek to find out more details about it.

The idea was born when a Stereo 8 recording studio in Naples asked Manolo from the Okotek team to build an interactive installation that would entertain the visitors before entering the room. The idea was something that could represent Stereo 8’s work and projects.

Manolo thought about exposing their new discs produced on a bulletin board so the audience could see the graphics, but with the opportunity to listen to the discs by interacting with them.

Of course, the installation had to be flexible by giving the opportunity to the related trucks and disc covers to be changed quickly and hassle-free.

The solution could be found in the use of proximity sensors that also operated under plastic materials of thicknesses up to 1 cm. Manolo decided to use the Bare Conductive Touch Board for stability, ease of use, as well as the ability to implement it autonomously.

He then had to construct the wooden structure and give it a vintage look according to the style of the studio, with 12 areas that hosted the covers of the 33 disks and 45 laps. The areas that host the disks were covered by Electric Paint, which was then attached to the board.

For the coding part, he used the Bare Conductive proximity code. it was really easy to set the REPLAY_MODE FALSE and check the sensor sensitivity.

The audio output of the Touch Board was directly connected to a small 5-watt audio card with headphones output and two audio speakers.

It was amazing to see that the installation became the studio’s mascot and that people really enjoyed playing the disc board.

Manolo would like his next installation to have more elements for the listening navigation part, but without of course losing its simplicity of use.

Images & Video: Okotek

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