Interactive Wall Piano

You’re standing on a wall, you accidentally touch a random surface and out of the blue, you hear a sound. Bizarre right?

We bumped into Martin Hertig‘s musical interactive wall piano and asked him to tell us more about his project.

Martin Hertig works at the intersection of design, art and technology. When Jugendkulturhaus Dynamo asked him to create something to help them revive the backstage of their concert venue, he came up with the concept for the Wall Piano.

He envisioned an interactive installation where everyone could interact with each other. To achieve this, he installed an interactive wall piano, which in reality is a bunch of suspicious-looking metal profiles with wires coming out.

They don’t seem to have a purpose and no explanation is given to the always changing guests backstage. When they dare to touch or do so by accident, the installation reveals its function as a musical instrument you can play.

Using Bare Conductive’s Touch Board, Martin created this permanent installation to provoke bands hanging out backstage. They got a lot of positive feedback from bands that discovered it and jammed out a song, appreciating the experience. Some guests were not so keen on it, because they wanted to chill before the show but some band members wouldn’t stop playing the darn piano!

Martin says that he had to follow a few tutorials to work with the board. He configured the Touch Board as a stand-alone MIDI controller and modified the default MIDI-Piano Arduino code so that each time someone touches the smallest key, the sound can be automatically changed.

Each key of the Touch Board is connected via wire to one of the metal profiles. Also, a few active PC speakers were hidden behind the wall via the headphone output.

Check the video to see how the installation works and maybe you’ll get inspired and hack your wall with a tailor-made piano.

Images & Video: Martin Hertig

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