Create magic with lighting: Interview with Inessa Demidova

Not too long ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Lighting Designer, Inessa Demidova, in person at the Arup office in London.

With over 5 years of experience in lighting design and a background in Spatial Design and Design and Environment, Inessa is always planning to have all the lights right.

Inessa was experimenting with our Light Up Board for a while now and created an amazing custom lamp, for lighting up objects such as crystals and glass. As a Lighting Designer, she also gave us her feedback about the light sensor and features to improve on. We’re happy to share that we’ve put Inessa’s feedback in action and the new batch of Light Up Boards will have these updates.

We didn’t talk only about the board, but also about lighting and its role in the built environment, from art to architecture. She shared a few tips about lighting design and an insight into what its like to work in of the world biggest engineering, design and consulting firms for the built environment.

Watch the video interview to hear more about light design, some pro tips and how our light sensor works.

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