A KODI based Touch Board Media Centre

I’ve been messing about with Raspberry Pi-based media centres for a number of years now. Loaded up with applications like a KODI, not only is it probably the most common use for a Raspberry Pi, but it’s also one of the simplest and inexpensive projects to do.

Our Touch Board Media Centre was built by one of our DesignSpark Bloggers, Stuart. We asked him to build something that we could use to show our DesignSpark Videos at events and for visitors to our RS Components offices. We didn’t need all the functions of a standard keyboard, so we thought it would be cool to create a sturdy box that we could cart around and quickly connect it up to a screen. The videos are stored on a USB Stick so we can easily add new ones.

Here it is in action at the Electronica show in Munich back in November last year.

It will look something like this.

Once connected up to my NAS Drive, I’m ready to roll!

Here’s to no more scratched DVD’s or lost remote controls (apart from the TV one of course, that’s another potential future hack!) and Tinkerbell can stay in her rightful place… The kids Playroom.

Pete Wood works at RS Components, where he looks after the DesignSpark Engineering Community. Pete has worked in the Electronics Industry for over 18 years, he loves technology, gadgets and tinkering with stuff.

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