BLOG | Making of the Kickstarter Video

Behind The Filming

For those of you who were wondering how we put our Kickstarter video together. We managed to capture some of the making behind the scenes. With the help of the amazing team at Sidekick we put together some awesome footage that got us over 87,000 views! Everyone had a great time working in the studio to build the demos we would showcase on the video. Below, Matt put his Mecano kit to good use to create our Zigby wireless door bell demo.

Bibi prepares to demo how you can use the Touch Board as a  sensor.

We had an amazing time making this video, as it gave us an excuse to make things with the Touch Board and Electric Paint – a favourite pastime of ours. This was a great way to help demonstrate the incredible potential of the board, and it seems from the reaction on Kickstarter that it worked!