BLOG | Moving Brands and Bare Conductive Hackday

The Touch Board Hackday

In the midst of our Kickstarter campaign for the Touch Board we were able to run an amazing hack day with our friends at Moving Brands. For those of you who might not know them, Moving Brands is a global creative agency with serious technical chops. They were the perfect partner to help us get a room of talented people focused on what you can do with a Touch Board in just a couple of hours. It was Moving Brand’s first hackday and the first major outing for the Touch Board, so everyone was excited to see what the outcomes would be.

Ross Atkin was kind enough to document the event with the awesome visualisation sketch below, but if you want to see some live action from the day make sure tho check out the video.

Every team got a pre-programmed Touch Board with a microSD card, just as they’ll ship. Moving Brands did a great job laying out boxes of kit on every table and equipping us with all of the supplies that we could possibly need. Moving Brands made a great video of the day and we even managed to squeeze in taking a couple of photos.

The day began with an introduction from Tim Brooke, Creative Technologist at Moving Brands. Tim set the stage for a great day of making, setting us the challenge of either “Reviving” a dead technology or creating a whole new platform. We broke into teams and got working. If you’re interested in finding out more about where the Hackday idea came from, check out Grace’s short interview with Tim below.

There was lots of noise coming from boards all over the room as people explored what could work as a sensor and where. Pretty soon though, the teams had focused their early insights into ideas that they would take forward into the rest of the day.

Cardboard master Jude Pullen was teamed up with Martin Hollywood, Innovation Director at Jack Morton to make an amazing “capacitive safe” – more on that soon.

The Bare Necessities Team made an amazing record player whose volume was controlled by your proximity to the album cover

Snakes and Ladders re-invented! This team used the Touch Board to create an interactive board game. Moving the pieces around the playing surface triggered different sounds.

Nick from Berg was able to stop by and was excited to find that their amazing new dev shield worked straight away with the Touch Board.

It seemed like the Hackday was a fantastic success for everyone It was great to work with Moving Brands and we can’t thank all of the fantastic attendees. It was truly inspirational, thanks everyone!