New littleBits Module: The Touch Sensor

UPDATE: March 17, 2017

Today littleBits announced the closing of the bitlab. They’ve decided to focus their company in other areas of the business so this part of their community will no longer be supported. As such, the Touch Sensor is no longer available and our partnership has come to an end. The post below reflects the work we did with them when the bitlab was operational. We had an amazing time working with littleBits and can’t wait to see what other amazing stuff they produce. Onwards and upwards!


In September 2014 our friends at littleBits asked us if we were interested in helping to create one of the first modules for their bitLab. We said of course and started trying to turn the Touch Board into a bit which could work alongside all of their other amazing modules. After a lot of hard work and a bunch of prototypes we arrived at the Touch Sensor. Like it sounds, the Touch Sensor has a single electrode for proximity and lets you take touch control of your littleBits universe.


The littleBits  bitLab, allows their universe of devices to open to developers (like us)!  If you have a cool idea for a module, you can let the littleBits crew know. If it gets enough votes your bit dream could become a real module! Awesome!!


It was Peter’s birthday last week and Bibi made a cake to celebrate all of the hours he put into designing the Touch Sensor. Notice the gold electrode, pink bitSnaps, vias and chocolate chip! It tasted as good as it looks!


Just like always, we can’t wait to see what you make! Tweet images @bareconductive and use the #bitLab!