Our Favourite Interactive Wall Installations

Since the release of the Interactive Wall Kit, we couldn’t have predicted the way members of the community would use the technology to create their own interactive art.

After receiving some inspiring projects, we decided to share some of our favourite examples and we’ve included some information on the agencies behind them. If you are looking for experts in bringing interactive wall installations to life, you’ve come to the right place!

1. Projection Mapping Mural - Wall and Wall

Wall and Wall is a San Francisco based studio, specialising in creating large scale murals. Using Bare Conductive’s Touch Board and Interactive Wall Kit, they have produced beautiful examples of how an interactive surface and technology like projection mapping can be used to create an immersive experience for people. “We firmly believe that a well-designed space can inspire, change-makers, build creativity and engage in community interaction.”

We collaborated with them earlier this year to coincide with the launch of the Interactive Wall Kit. The ‘Projection Mapping Mural’ is a perfect example of how animation and smart surfaces can come together to form a fun and creative idea. As users touch different shapes, an animated image appears.

2. The Story Board - Mustard

When Africa’s largest telecommunications company MTN wanted to announce their new creative space CoLab, they enlisted the help of Johannesburg creative agency Mustard to create an interactive history of the company. The end result was ‘The Story Board’ project. Comprising of 4 Touch Boards, connected to 36 touchpoints. A signal sent data to a server machine as a MIDI, which then triggered video clips, animating the artwork.

We love the way the design tells a story and immerses the audience within the interactive content. It is also interesting to read some of the challenges they faced and the solutions to overcome them in our featured blog post.

3. Fortress Island - Freedom Media

The Jersey War Tunnels were built during the second world war and have become a popular attraction. In order to revamp the ‘Fortress Island’ exhibition, Freedom Media created an interactive wall installation that’s aim was to allow younger audiences to engage with and experience the history. The display uses stencilled Electric Paint graphics that connect directly to the Touch Board. The software ‘Resolume’ takes the midi signals generated from the touch board and uses them to trigger the visual effects.

Interactive exhibits like this are fantastic in the way they create environments that engage people of all ages and form a memorable experience.

4. Air Force 1 - XPOLR

Hong Kong-based XPOLR pride themselves on exploring “creative expression though experimenting with new technology and design”. When Nike approached them to create an interactive display for the 35th anniversary of their Air Force 1 shows, the end result was a space where people could paint on the walls and their artwork would come to life. This was achieved by placing screws in various places around the setup and creating touchpoints that connected directly to a Touch Board. When a painting came into contact with a screw, the artwork became interactive.

A project like this shows the power of turning art into an experience. Involving not only the artists and designers but the audience themselves. What makes the Interactive Wall Kit such a unique piece of technology is how it brings all these elements together.

5. Dairygold FIIE 2018 - Envisage & Immersive AV

Envisage teamed up with Immersive AV to produce a stand for Dairygold at the Food Ingredients Industry Exhibition. The aim was to design a stand that would stand out in the huge exhibition while also showing off their production process. Electric Paint was used to paint a 2.5 x 6-metre interactive wall, with the help of Coolux software, HMS Media Server and DVI Matrix. They used 3 short-throw projectors to control and minimise the space needed for the stand.

The video wall was truly interactive, telling the entire Dairygold story – the benefits of the Golden Valleys, the end to end supply chain and product innovation.

If you’re interested in building interactive wall installations with the Interactive Wall Kit, we’d recommend contacting one of the agencies we have mentioned. Each has interpreted interactive content in their own unique way and produced work that inspires us.

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