BLOG | checks out Electric Paint and the Touch Board

Over the course of a six-day workshop, in conjunction with the Prince’s Trust and generously funded by the foundation, Makerversity ran the programme ‘Get Started with Product Design’ with a group of twelve aspiring young creatives at Somerset House.

The workshop introduced the group of 17-25 year olds to a range of musical, electronic and digital making skills. Their challenge was to produce a unique digital instrument each, that would appear for a one-day exhibition – ‘Input > Output’ – on July 3rd, held at the Barbican Centre as part of the programming for Digital Revolution.

Through sessions run by Makerversity members, the group learnt to record, sample and mix their own sounds; they had a great introduction to circuitry and conductivity with the help of Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint and were wowed by the Touch Board drumkit. They picked up the basics of Processing to code their MaKeyMakey kits; AutoDesk came by to help out with 3D modelling and 2052 opened their eyes to the possibilities of 3D printing! On top of all of this they learnt to laser cut and engrave and even to typeset exhibition graphics.

Following images by Susana Sanroman, courtesy of the Barbican 2014. came to meet the young people at their exhibition on the 3rd and had a listen to their unique recordings through their Electric-Painted, laser-engraved, MaKey-MaKey programmed, 3D printed objects!