Q&A | A flexible MIDI controller by EJTech

Esteban de la Torre and Judit Kárpáti make up EJTech, an art and technology lab based in Budapest. They produce beautiful work exploring the boundaries between textiles, sound and electronics, and have recently been screen printing Electric Paint to create flexible MIDI controllers on fabric. The team used an Arduino Mega ADK to communicate with Max MSP and Ableton Live to play MIDI notes when touched, an action also achievable with the Touch Board. We caught up with EJTech to find out more.

You’ve worked with thermochromic inks as well as MIDI and sound. How did you combine the features of Electric Paint with this technology and what was the output?

With the thermochromic inks, we used more robust actual hard wires of distinct alloys. As turning electric current into heat can be a very inefficient process, where you need a large amount of electrical energy to get a little amount of heat, we choose alloys of high resistance to get the most out of this energy transfer.