Q&A | Art and Decibels by Thomas Evans

What difficulties did you come across when making your work interactive? 

I’ve only had two concerns. One is the solubility of the paint. Even after drying for some time, it is still easy to have moisture reactivate it. However, I have been experimenting with various sealers to prevent this. So far, the sealers have been helping out a tremendous amount. The second issue has been the flexibility of the paint. Flat and rigid surfaces are the most ideal. It’s not a big problem because my work usually requires that to paint and install electronics on anyway.   

Are you planning on working with the Paint or Touch Board in the future? Where does your artwork go from here?

I am definitely planning on using the paint and Touch Boards in the future. I have an upcoming show where I really want to make a statement. I’m brainstorming different ways to bring out more of the performance elements in the pieces. I also want to experiment with the proximity sensors as well. I haven’t gotten to use that yet but I think that has a lot of potential. Definitely check out my Instagram account. I post all my recent completed work and work in progress pieces there. People are able to see what goes on behind the scenes of my studio!