Red Bull Synesthesia: Paint and Performance

You might remember Thomas Evans’ work from our interview last year. He’s a brilliant visual artist and uses our Electric Paint and Touch Board to reimagine the art canvas as a MIDI controller. Well, we caught up with Thomas and not only is he still producing loads of amazing work, but he’s been involved in some awesome live events too.

Working with musicians and performers Felix Fast Forward and duo Jiggy Thompson, Thomas created new custom pieces on art to be played in front of an audience. Red Bull House of Art Synesthesia explored the boundaries between art, music and performance, bringing ‘the creative process full circle’.

Watch Mikey Fresh and Panama Soweto discuss the all encompassing experience, and what it felt like for them to play paintings in front of an audience.

The audience was really hyped to be there to witness such a new approach to music making. We love the combination of live instruments played by Felix Fastforward and the MIDI sounds in this video below!