Reflections in Self Intimacy

Edit is interested in the intimacy of the self, when you experience something special on your own, rather than in relationship therapy. So, inspired by this type of experience, the project itself looks at this immaterial phenomenon very closely. It gives examples of capturing it in form or narrative texts, drawings, diagrams and establishes a library of these experience bits. Moreover, it presents a series of further experiments in order to find ways on how to put these experiences into physical form and material.

The project worked as an example of how to materialise and facilitate self-intimacy experiences because it’s not enough to understand only by words. Attaining self-intimacy happens when we get the experience through our own body.

The purpose of this project wasn’t to solve the problem of lacking self-intimacy, but it was mainly focused on attaining self-intimacy through experience. While participants experiencing the installation, one might ask questions, start to reconsider and to speculate. Artistic and design research especially highly values these processes and the knowledge that is gained from them.

To experience yourself the Reflections, we highly recommend watching the video.

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