A Sensible Musical Performance

The Sensible Musical Performance was the result of connecting the audience with the actions of the musician on stage.

Interactive Designer and Musician, Julie Bjørnskov is developing new ways of performing live electronic music. She does this by simultaneously writing and performing music, so the audiences can experience it before it reaches its final form. The video is an experiment where she’s developing one of her compositions by playing various live musical elements.

When performing live, Julie feels that the audience is more present, because it’s easier for her to include them in what is happening and tease their curiosity. In the future, she hopes she can make live performances where the audience has an active role in making the music.

Besides using the Touch Board in her musical life, Julie uses it to create big interactive installations in Luftkys. In Luftkys they question how new technologies affect human behaviour and emotions through installation, performance, video and sound.

In her electro-pop band, Got No Filter, they have also started experimenting with using the Bare Conductive technology for their live concerts in cooperation with their synthesizers and drum machines.

Images & Video: Julie Bjørnskov

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