Sound Installation was made with the Touch Board

A Theory of Everything is an interactive and immersive sound installation inspired by the latest speculations of string theory physicists.

The creator of this project, Alejandro Mosso, is a musician and live performer who experiments with the Touch Board and other electronic tools to create an immersive experience.

A set of distinctive sounds are distributed across wire rope, sensors hooked from wall to wall, forming an irregular structure of intertwined lines. Every rope triggers a different sound (either acoustic strings or synthesized with physical modelling technology).

This interactive setup intends for the visitors to walk and crawl between the wire ropes, in order to reach every sound and discover the entirety of the piece.

Two Touch Boards were used in the project, with a total of 15 steel wire ropes connected to the electrodes. The Touch Boards were set up with the Midi Interface code, sending midi information via USB to a Raspberry Pi running a Sampler on Python.

The Raspberry Pi received the midi information from its USB inputs and triggered a set of samples (string based sounds) via an AudioInjector hat.

Along the process, Alejandro faced a few challenges, like when he connected all the wires to the Touch Boards and Raspberry Pi and nothing worked. The issue turned out to be the sensitivity of each electrode – they needed to be recalibrated independently in the Arduino code, due to the different sizes of the sensors and different lengths of connections between the “touchable wire” and the Touch Board. After some recalibration and the right thresholds for each wire, the system ran smoothly during the whole exhibition.

The sound installation can be accessed by multiple visitors at the same time, potentially triggering all sounds simultaneously. Visitors are invited to abandon their passive perspective and become active explorers, musicians and choreographic performers.

Experience it yourself by watching the video below.

Images & Video: Alejandro Mosso

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