Sto Material Connexions Interactive Display

Could you share more details on the way you used our technology?

We reprogrammed the Touch Board to act as a keyboard interface and used 4 of the 12 inputs to simulate key presses. The Touch Board was connected to a PC running a node.js and based web app. As touches were detected, the web app would broadcast on the network giving unique commands to the other PCs triggering either the videos or the sounds to start. The app communicated directly with the Hue Smart light.

From a physical setup, we modified a standard drafting table ordered from a drafting supply warehouse. Our creative team designed a graphic meant to give the impression of a blueprint under development laid out on the table top. Where the touch elements were used, we placed icons to indicate the type of content that would be triggered by touch, play button, light bulb, speaker. The graphic was printed as a one piece vinyl decal and applied to the surface of the table.

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Images and Video: Godfrey