Tempo Fresco Sound Project

You may remember the team that created the interactive CITI project. They’re back with another interactive project; Tempo Fresco is a musical interface made with the Touch Board and Electric Paint.

After their CITI project, the team wanted to have a follow-up project with a huge installation, where spectators could interact with the Touch Board in a dedicated space. They wanted to use lights, projectors and sound. However, because they were short on budget and time, they changed their initial idea. They realised they could use the Touch Board to trigger multiple sounds simultaneously so they created an interactive musical Fresco.

The aim was to create an interactive project, where multiple people could compose a melody altogether. To to this, they created a 2 metre long Fresco made of abstract forms. The audience was invited to touch the Electric Paint patterns to trigger sounds.

They chose sounds from different instrument categories so that people could compose a melody together like being in an orchestra. They implemented guitar and piano sounds, but also electronic music sounds. The audience was more reactive to the instruments and sounds they knew, i.e. the piano because they wanted to try and reproduce familiar songs.

After having created the fresco pattern on illustrator, they printed it and sprayed it with pink and silver paint. Then, they filled the designed forms with Electric Paint to link them to the Touch board. The creation of the Fresco was the easy part. The team encountered some difficulties when trying to connect the patterns to the board because the paint created wrinkles to the paper.

When they presented the project to the University open Day, most of the visitors stopped by the project and stayed a few minutes to try to recreate their favourite songs. The sound was pretty high, so even people in other rooms could hear it, which contributed to the success of the Fresco.

The team considers themselves non tech-savvy, so they were really pleased with what they managed to accomplish using the Touch Board and Electric Paint. They were also selected by their University’s administration to present the Tempo Fresco at the Paris Town Hall, so they can use it for exhibitions and parties.

We wish them good luck!

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