BLOG | Test Jig in Action and our First Production Batch

Since the last update we have leaped forward and have some great progress and photos to share with you! We have not only assembled the Test Jig and Test Board mentioned in the last update, but have finished writing the Test Program and received the first production batch of 60 boards! Exciting times at the Bare Conductive Studio!

Assembling the Test Jig and Test Board:

Assembling the Test Jig upon its return from the board house was good fun and a satisfying moment to see it all fit together like a glove. As explained in our previous update the Test Jig holds a Touch Board during the test procedure and accesses its pins via spring probes. A toggle clamp holds the board down on these probes to ensure good contact with the PCB. The probes then connect to the bottom of the Test Jig which run traces to the large connector at the rear of the jig (directly below the orange-handled toggle clamp).

The Test Jig then connects via a ribbon cable to the Test Board (below). As you can see this little guy is serious eye candy with its colourful through-hole resistors and diodes! An Arduino Mini sits up high in the city centre checking on each and every Touch Board pin via a series of multiplexers.

When these two are working together they will need to test each Touch Board one after another. The following animation demonstrates how the test equipment will operate in the factory!

Testing the Boards

We had not intended on being able to trial the semi-automated test equipment until the larger Kickstarter order, but its fast return form the board house gave us this opportunity on the first production batch of 60 Touch Boards. It also gave us a chance to see how long it would take to fully test a board on the equipment.

This exercise has enabled us to spot a couple bugs in the TestProgram and make some changes based on a better understanding of how a test operator might use the equipment.

A thorough visual inspection was performed on all the boards and we can confirm they are looking great. Stay tuned for a further update very soon with our projected timelines for the full Kickstarter production run! We are busy finalising the dates for when the boards will be ready to ship and this will be included in the next update!

The most Touch Boards in the Bare Conductive Studio to date… but not for long!