BLOG | Mark Miodownik reviews Electric Paint in the Guardian

Mark Miodownik is a materials engineer and author of several books including ‘Stuff Matters’. Check out what he says about Electric Paint in this video on the Guardian site!

Here is what he has to say about Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint:

“[M]y problem with a lot of science toys, and chemistry sets in particular, is that they conform to a compartmentalised world where chemistry, art, engineering and design are unrelated when actually the world isn’t like that. Science is essentially creative, and science toys should help children realise that.

[Electric Paint] is a really good example of getting it right: it’s complex enough to do something quite creative, but not so hard that children can’t use it – they’ll work it out. The instructions are good, but they should explain to you that when you first use the paint there’s bound to be a problem – a short-circuit or a weak connection, and say: “Look, almost certainly you’re not going to get it right first time, don’t panic.” Problem-solving is a skill, and it’s part of being creative. The process of building a circuit with it immediately makes the connection with painting, and it shows that creativity can be about electronics, mechanics and electricity. Of all the toys we’ve talked about this is the one I would buy for someone without hesitation and with a glad heart.”

Thanks for your endorsement Mark! So excited that you enjoyed making your house, and that you came up with more great ideas of your own.