The Technology and Designers we Love

This Valentine’s we’re sharing our love list! Whether it’s just inspirational or purely functional, we are always up for discussing great design and problem solving. This list features some of the products and people that push the boundaries with materials, organisation and technology. Browse below, and let us know – who is on your love list? @bareconductive

For creating smart and useful objects ...

Lindström Tools  We’ve seen a lot of side cutters and we’re pretty sure these guys do the best ones on the market. Lindström have been making precision tools for over 150 years, and we hope they keep up the good work as we’re big fans.

Papier Tigre Based in Paris and Berlin, visit Papier Tigre instore or online for print, illustration and paper eye candy. Perfect for gifts or eye-catching stationery. 

Pocket NC Company We love the Pocket NC for making the most amazing small scale CNC machine. Fresh from a Kickstarter campaign you can now catch one of these on the company website

Tesla Tesla is awesome. Their approach to using high performance engineering and marketing create a demand for electric vehicles, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. 

For making content oh-so-easy to organise and acess ...

The New Yorker It’s is on our screen, podcast list and coffee table, and we just don’t know how we’d go a week without the The New Yorker.

Instapaper This app is the future for reading online. Instapaper makes saving, organising and reading articles on a screen so, so easy. 

Backblaze We heart Backblaze for their reliable and low cost backup. They also document nicely – make sure to check out their compelling blog posts too.