The Touch Board in the Analogue and Digital World

The digital generation to which the artist belongs has undergone changes in the social, cultural, political and personal, with the rise of new technologies.

Among all of them, the one that holds her interest is that of how identity is constructed. Gema’s work is born of a personal search. Her focus is on this new way of building and narrating memory. Therefore,  she proposes a battle between analogue memory and digital memory.

A part of her memory is shared with this exposed, open device, open to the game. The active viewer can interact with the images and sounds, with my memories. Now it is the active spectator who proposes the game with the given instruments. The proposal is an open account of memory. The creation of stories, of narratives according to the game that each person proposes. Interference can occur, you can find relationships between sounds, between images.

The analogue world joins the digital with the interaction of an active viewer, with the game the viewer proposes for memories of a digital memory.

Gema summarises the mysterious world of memory, which has always intrigued her and led her to carry out this project, with the narrative that each person wants to make of my memories, only conditioned by their imagination. The account of memory is open to the freedom of imagination of the spectator.

Gema concludes this Masters, on Analogue and Digital Memory. The open account of memory, without a final point or end. It is held as a first approach, but during the process, she has seen other possibilities, which she would like to study in depth.

It is probably a question of specific points that it was treated to those who now want to give it one more chance. Since there are many ideas left in the pipeline, the artist leaves the door open for future attachments.

Images & Video: Gema Domene

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