Top 8 Art Supply Shops in London

Looking for art and design supply shops in London and don’t know where to start from? Well, our list with some of the best art and design supply shops in London will help you find the perfect one for your needs and guess what, you can choose those that are near where you live, work or hang out! 

Central London

Cass Art is one of the most famous supply shops in London and it’s got everything you need. Whether you’re into painting, drawing, printmaking or DIY, Cass Art won’t let you down. It also has shops in various areas of London, so it couldn’t get better and convenient.

If you want a plethora of brands, materials and looking for small details, then London Graphic Centre is the shop you’re looking for. From easels and art accessories to fabric paints, model making, and art gifts, the shop in Covent Garden cannot be missed.

East London

Jackson’s Art Supplies shop is based in Stoke Newington and we love it, because it doesn’t only have art and design materials, but it also has a range of tools to help you with your projects. They also run various events and painting competitions, so it’s worth having a look.

If you’re wandering around Brick Lane, then you can definitely visit Great Art. They’re supplying art materials for over 50 years, so they have a massive stock of paints, brushes, frames, ceramics, and cutters. For those who are into textiles and DIY, the shop has also a good range of materials to help you unleash your creativity.

If you’re looking for both finest quality and professional help with your project, then you definitely need to visit Ap Fitzpatrick in Cambridge Heath Road. You’ll have the chance to choose from Kremer Pigments, Lascaux Acrylic Colours and also ask for a bespoke service to help you choose your materials and also assist you with any questions you might have with your project.

West London

Would you like to travel back in time and experience art shops the ways they used to be in 30’s? Then, you definitely need to visit Green & Stone in Chelsea. It’s a very impressive shop and you’ll find fine art supplies and quality materials. You’ll find ink, such as Haxink and Abraxas that are not very common and also its range of papers is pretty amazing. It’s definitely with a visit.

North London

Slanchogled means sunflower in Bulgarian and this is exactly how you feel when you’re this little art supply shop in Camden. It focuses mainly on paper craft and art supplies and they do have a very good selection of cut – outs in wood and cards as well as paints, canvases, wired and felt.

South London

Cowling & Wilcox couldn’t be missed from our list. You’ll find yourself browsing among its big selection of paints, oils, brushes, as well as art and technical materials. This is the place where you can find what you need and at decent prices.

Of course, these are not the only supply shops you can find in London. More independent shops open every day and we always keep an eye to see what’s around us.

If you know more art, design and make supply shops let us know @BareConductive. We love to explore new shops and areas!