Top Christmas Tech Gift Ideas 2016

The most festive month of the year is here and we couldn’t forget to share our wishlist with you and give you some inspiration for gift ideas. This is quite a special wishlist, because it’s what the Bare Conductive team would love to get this Christmas, whether or not these dreams will come true…

We thought that it’d be more interesting if we reveal one product each day, so you’ll have more time to research and find out more about it. Similar to the 12 Days of Christmas, but a bit earlier.

So, let’s see what Bare wants this year.

Matt and Becky would like to get a Boosted Board, because Electric Skateboards are just so cool. Boosted boards look beautifully manufactured and discreetly add a magical function to an otherwise unassuming longboard. They make an awesome “I am from the future and I am riding an electric skateboard” noise too. They can also beat the inter-city cycle ride both in speed and style says Becky, who’s cycling to work. Let’s admit it. Who wouldn’t love to get one of those with a loaded deck, custom trucks and ride modes, regenerative brakes and orangatang wheels?!

We hope that this list will help you with your Christmas gifts. Don’t forget to share with us your wishlist on Twitter or Instagram!