Touchless Light Switch

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), light switches are classified as some of the frequently touched surfaces most responsible for the spread of infection. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that COVID 19 can be transmitted by people touching infected surfaces, and can live on plastic or stainless steel for up to three days. Whether it be in office spaces, healthcare settings, or the home, light switches are a hub for grime and germs, requiring frequent cleaning and disinfection to maintain proper hygiene.

Even before COVID 19, smart buildings and the Internet of Things (IoT) were making inroads and bringing countless benefits to commercial and residential settings, in today’s post-COVID world, it is even more obvious that we should have a better, easier, and lower maintenance replacement for the conventional switch.

Advantages of the Smart Light Switch

Smart lighting comes in many shapes and forms, smart home products tend to focus on connecting to a mobile app, providing features such as remote control, linking to voice command, timers, custom color or brightness settings. In commercial settings, these features are less critical, with a greater focus on energy efficiency and wellbeing. In public spaces such as restrooms, healthcare settings, and corporate offices, the touchless gesture switch not only has the potential to play an important role in minimizing germ transmission, but also offers significant economic benefits. According to a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine the cost attributed to missed workdays in the United States due to the common cold is around USD $20 billion annually. Beyond hygiene, smart light switches integrated into building management systems can incorporate advanced functions such as dimming, wireless control, and scheduled light management. A 2017 study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), estimates a potential energy saving of 45% can be provided by advanced lighting controls in commercial buildings.

Our Touchless Light Switch

Bare Conductive’s touchless switch features an elegant design that allows for easy installation into traditional light sockets, providing a straightforward solution for retrofitting into existing spaces, or incorporating into new ones. Our sensor technology has the ability to connect to a building’s management system, so our smart switch can go beyond lighting to monitor touch events, sending an alert if a surface is touched and requires cleaning, or monitoring use and touch events to provide valuable data points on space occupancy and use. Our smart switch design leverages printed sensor technology to combine touchless operation with a slimline and low-profile surface, so the switch stays clean and is easy to disinfect. The light switch features a range of touchless gesture controls to choose from, ensuring that random movement does not lead to false triggers. A simple swipe of the hand can be programmed to work as an on/off switch or dimmer.

Smart Buildings of the Future

In a future where smart buildings are fully connected, smart light switches that integrate into building management systems will be the norm. Facilities managers will be able to visualize use through web-based dashboards providing data on how spaces are being used in real-time. More importantly, touchless technology will ensure safe and hygienic spaces for people to live and work. At Bare Conductive we are working to make the smart buildings of tomorrow a reality. Our smart surface technology offers an integrated approach to ensure we are building intelligence and interaction into our surroundings from the bottom up. Get in touch to find out more about our touchless gesture controlled switch technology, and how we can incorporate it into your products or projects. Email:

To test or prototype your own touchless light switch, choose from our range of development kits.


Touchless Light Switch

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