Valentine’s Day Ideas 2018 | Tech Gifts

February sometimes might feel a bit blue. Sure, winter isn’t over yet, but spring is on the way and Valentine’s Day is around the corner (a.k.a. another excuse to give and receive nice and smart gifts).

We’d like to help you find the best tech and design gift out there for your loved ones. Or maybe even one for yourself?

Gifts for Her

A nice plant is always a good idea, it gives off positive energy and lasts longer than a bouquet. But what if this is also a levitating plant?! Yes, you can find this techie and calm planter by Flyte and give the best gift.

Looking for a plant gift that needs zero maintenance and lasts forever? The Plant Guide is the ultimate gift for gardeners and art-lovers, featuring over 300 beautiful botanical images.

Does she love gadgets and devices that will make her life easier? Then, the Google Home Mini Speaker is the ideal gift. The Google Home Mini wireless speaker will connect to any wireless network to provide control of, and access to, virtually all other smart devices. It can play music, check the weather and traffic, tell sports scores and more. 

Ok, you’ve got her here. There’s no woman who doesn’t love a simple and comfy clutch bag. Nope, this isn’t just a bag. Mighty Clutch is also a phone charger/life-saving solution. Surprise her and she’s going to be in charge.

Does she love being super organised and having a neat work environment? This file folder from Paper Tigre is the perfect gift. Well sorted and good looking!

Gifts for Him

Does he love technology, robots and taking photos? The Parrot Mambo camera drone is the ultimate gift for him to start learning more about drones and also to have some amazing footage from your holidays!

He’s a handyman and loves to fix things in the house. We’ve got the best screwdriver remote control. He’s going to love his new toy.

Is he into music and has mentioned how he’d liked to buy a new speaker? Check out this very cool portable Bluetooth speaker by B&O. It’s wireless, has up to 10hrs battery life, produces high-quality sound and is made of premium durable materials. We think it sounds like the perfect gift for him.

Does he love tinkering and making stuff? Is he always looking for cool tools? The ‘Things Come Apart: A Teardown Manual for Modern Living’ book shows the inner workings of the world’s most familiar objects, all neatly sorted and beautifully photographed.

A gift for everyone

How about a crafty gift this time? The Electric Paint Lamp Kit is the best gift for those DIYers that love to make unique and personalised objects. They can make a variety of three lamps, all easy to construct with Electric Paint – no special skills or additional tools needed! Get rid of their old desk lamp and enlighten their space with these smart lamps.

Which one caught your attention?