Why You Should Buy a Ticket to Resonate 2017

After returning from an exciting trip to Serbia, we asked our Production Manager Jonathon Hodges to give the lowdown on Resonate festival 2016. Why was it so great and why will he be going back next year? Jonathon explains below!

On top of the great workshops at Resonate there are two packed days of lectures and presentations, but the real fun begins at the close of each day when the techno-arts discussions spill out across the myriad bars and restaurants of central Belgrade. Resonate is the only festival I know where you can spend the daylight hours expanding your mind, then take in an impromptu Virtual Reality demo (non-traditional Serbian meal), followed by expanding your waistline (traditional Serbian meal). The night time programme of cutting edge contemporary electronic music means you can keep going until the sun comes up. After all of that, there’s time to grab a few hours sleep and then start all over again.