Printed Sensor (set of 3)

$12.50 ex VAT

Save time with ready-to-use touch and distance sensors, printed with our unique pattern.

Electric Paint 1L

$325.00 ex VAT

Large scale project with Electric Paint? You’re looking in the right place.

light up board, LED

Light Up Board

$29.50 ex VAT

Add light to your capacitive touch and proximity projects

touch board pro kit components

Touch Board Pro Kit

$184.00 ex VAT

Prototype and make a variety of interactive projects in no time.

Electric Paint 10ml

$9.85 ex VAT

Draw circuits and sensors with electrically conductive paint.

Interactive Wall Kit

$548.00 ex VAT

Ready-to-install interactivity for professional installations, powered by the Touch Board.

Touch board on grey

Touch Board

$69.50 ex VAT

Design with paintable sensors. Turn touch into sound and make any surface interactive.

Electric Paint Lamp Kit

$43.00 ex VAT

Transform paper into light!

Electric Paint Circuit Kit

$16.00 ex VAT

Everything you need to learn about parallel circuits.

Touch Board Starter Kit

$129.85 ex VAT

Draw, paint and create. Three projects to get you started with the Touch Board.