Electric Paint 1L


Print large-scale sensors with paint.

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Paint or print large sensors with electrically conductive paint.

The Electric Paint 1L bucket is the easiest and safest conductive ink available on the market. Electric Paint is water-based, non-toxic and air-drying. It dries at room temperature and can be used to create sensors on most non-conductive, non-hydrophobic surfaces, like paper, plastic, textiles, wood, walls, floors, etc. Once dry, Electric Paint can be sealed using acrylic paints or spray varnishes to make it water-resistant and smudge-proof.

The Electric Paint 1L tub can be used with the Interactive Wall Kit, Touch Board, Pi Cap, or Light Up Board to create touch and proximity sensors. It is the perfect format for large volume screen printing projects, or for large scale installations. One 1L tub can cover approximately 16m².

Electric Paint also comes in a 10ml tube and a 50ml jar.


1 x Electric Paint 1L Tub

Large Scale Sensors

Non-toxic and water soluble, Electric Paint can be used to paint or print sensors on a wide range of surfaces. These sensors can be used to build sensors into the environment or to create interactive installations. Before using Electric Paint in any large scale project, make sure to read Sensor Design Basic Rules of Thumb for some useful advice.

wallpaper with electric paint

Sealing Electric Paint

For long term durability, Electric Paint can be sealed, coated or covered with a water-resistant layer such as acrylic or glass. For tips on how to do this you can check out this tutorial by Thomas Evans.

Testing varnish on white paper

Made in the UK
13 cm (5.11 in)
14 cm (5.5 in)
13 cm (5.11 in)
1.3 kgs (46.03 oz)