Electric Paint Circuit Kit

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Make a miniature electric city out of paper!

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Build a paper city and make circuits with Electric Paint.

Discover the magic of Electric Paint with this simple electric circuit project. Creating a miniature glowing city is as easy a squeezing a tube, tracing a line and folding your paper templates.

The Electric Paint Circuit Kit is a great project to get started with Electric Paint and circuits. Jus draw a circuit, attach components, build a paper metropolis and watch it glow!


1 x Electric Paint 10ml Tube
5 x LED carrier board
1 x Card base template
6 x Assorted 3D objects to fold

Not included: 9V Battery

It’s so easy and fun!

With step-by-step instructions and clear templates, making a circuit is as easy as squeezing a tube, tracing a line and connecting LEDs. An easy and fun interactive project to explore electronics.

electric paint circuit kit

Something for everyone

Featuring circuits, papercraft, and play, the Electric Paint Circuit Kit has something for everyone. Whether you’re into design, engineering, architecture or just looking for fun, this kit will spark your imagination.

Learn along the way

If you’re into the science, you can use the Electric Paint Circuit Kit to master parallel circuits, polarity, and switches. Who said learning couldn’t be fun?

electric paint circuit kit, bare conductive

Made in the UK
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