Glowing House Set Voltage Village

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Use Electric Paint to build two paper houses that light up in the dark.

Ever dream of building your own house? Well here’s your chance! With the Glowing House Set you’ll have everything you need to assemble and wire up two paper houses. Combine electronics, paper craft and miniature architecture to create two tiny villas that will light up in the dark using Electric Paint and a light sensor.

Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint is just like any other water-based paint, except that it’s electrically conductive! This means that you can paint wires directly onto paper.

The Glowing House Set contains carefully crafted templates and instructions to guide you through decorating, folding, and adding electricity to these tiny villas. Using just a few components and your natural creative flair you’ll be able to build your own night-light village. As the light fades your houses will start to glow!

Inside the box you’ll find two pre-scored templates, instructions, and all the components you need for assembly.

Colour in, wire up, and watch your houses come to life in the dark!

LEVEL: Beginner to Hobbyist

Voltage Village Tutorial

Step-by-Step instructions to assemble your very own Glowing House Set Voltage Village!

Cold Soldering

Electric Paint can be used as both a liquid wire and an adhesive. Use it to attach components to a range of materials. This is a great alternative to the soldering iron either when you’re in a hurry, or working with children!

Series and Parallel Circuits

This is a brief introduction into how you can use Electric Paint to cold solder components and create circuits in parallel and series. Even if you know this already, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to visualise how these circuits can start to become graphics that you can play with.


• Draw a working circuit and cold solder components
• Electric Paint is water-based, nontoxic and solvent free
• Dries at room temperature in 10-15 minutes
• Must be fully dry to work
• Easily removable with soap and water
• Assembly time 1 hr
• Set includes 2 houses
• Easy and fun activity
• Ages 12 and up

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Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint is just like any other water-based paint, except that...

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    (verified owner):

    I recently purchased this item for my project, and it is exactly as described in the description and looks exactly like the images on the website. I ordered the item on Friday around 3pm and was dispatched that same day, for me to receive the next day on a standard delivery. Contains all components, and the packaging is very good, with invoice inside. 5 Star rating!!!!

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In this kit:

1 x Electric Paint Tube
2 x Pre-cut House templates
4 x light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
2 x Resistors
2 x LDRs
2 x Transistors
2 x Battery Clips
2 x 9V Batteries
Sticky Dots and Stickers

Pack Details:

Made in the UK
Height / 21.6cm / 8.5in
Width / 19.2cm / 7.5in
Depth / 2.3cm / 1.0in
Weight / 0.215kgs / 7.8oz
Ages: 12 and up


Electric Paint Technical Data Sheet