Interactive Wall Kit

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Ready-to-install interactivity for professional installations, powered by the Touch Board.

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Whether you consider yourself an absolute beginner or programming pro, the Interactive Wall Kit has all the tools and resources you need to quickly create robust and reliable interactive walls and murals – up to 10m x 10m. The ability to reuse the Interactive Wall Kit on multiple installations reduces the cost of producing interactive walls.

Key kit components to help you create your installation faster:

  • A Touch Board and Electrode Shield, both pre-soldered for an easy connection. No soldering iron needed.
  • 12 Electrode Pads and 12 shielded cables. The Electrode Pads have a jack plug – a simple but reliable way to connect your 12 sensors. Shielded cables prevent common interference issues, which means less time spent troubleshooting your installation. All securing screws are included.
  • The Interactive Wall Guide will point you to all the resources you need throughout your build, from start to finish.
  • Cable management tools, such as cable markers and clips. Avoiding cable spaghetti prevents common faults and snags of your installation.


1 x Touch Board
1 x Electrode Shield
12 x Electrode Pads
12 x Shielded Cables
42 x Fixing Screws
1 x Interactive Wall Guide
50 x Cable Management Clips
1 x Cable Marking Set
1 x microSD Card
1 x microSD Card Reader
1 x Micro USB Cable

NEW Electrode Shield

Specifically created for this kit, the Electrode Shield is an easy and reliable way to connect your wall sensors to your Touch Board. The Touch Board in the Interactive Wall Kit is pre-soldered, so to get started, simply attach the Electrode Shield to the board and plug in your shielded cables.

NEW Electrode Pads

The Electrode Pads are a simple but robust way to create, test and secure your wall sensors. They neatly and easily connect to the Electrode Shield via shielded cables, which are provided in kit.

Electric Paint Sensors

The sensors for your interactive wall can be created with a variety of conductive materials or Electric Paint. If you would like to create your sensors with Electric Paint, we suggest purchasing the Electric Paint 1L – a quantity large enough for painting walls and murals.

Create a Variety of Interactive Walls

The Interactive Wall Kit is a collection of tools to help you quickly build robust, reliable and beautiful interactive walls. Each kit can be re-used multiple times, making it a cost efficient way to produce interactive walls.

We’ve done the hard work  – but we’ve left the creative parts to you! Get inspired by our top community interactive wall projects.

man touching smart wall graphics

Made in the UK
15.7cm (6.2in)
22cm (8.7in)
11.5cm (4.5in)
2.5 kg (88.1oz)