Light Up Board

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Add light to your capacitive touch and proximity projects

A versatile LED light circuit board with six different light modes, for a variety of lighting applications.

The Light Up Board is an easy to use light source that is made to be simply and quickly integrated into paper, card or plastic, using our patent-pending twist and lock method. This means the board can be easily removed and reused. Choose between interaction modes such as touch, dimmer or proximity – no computer programming required! 

The back of the Light Up Board is flat, which allows for easy surface mounting with double-sided tape or adhesive. It is powered by Micro USB, so you can fix it permanently, or keep it portable. Use it as an additional light source for your Electric Paint Lamps or in your own bespoke lighting project.

Six light modes, powered by Micro USB

Depending on how you connect the electrodes, the Light Up Board has six different light output modes: touch, dimmer, proximity, candle, spin and dice. Choosing between the different light modes is as simple as connecting a combination of the six electrodes before the power is turned on. This can be done with Electric Paint or any other conductive material. You can see the different light modes, and how to connect them in our tutorial.


The Light Up Board is great for a variety of lighting applications. It is super-thin, lightweight and flat on the back, making it easy to mount to most surfaces. When combined with Electric Paint sensors, it has a variety of different interaction modes; touch, dimmer and proximity. Use it as a light source in a variety of different projects, from e-textiles and LED lamps, to light based murals/installations and LED displays.


The light output from the board’s six white, high quality and efficient Osram Duris LEDs is of a more neutral white temperature compared to a traditional LED strip. The Light Up Board uses an ATmega88 microcontroller and the same MPR121 capsense chip as our Touch Board. Every Light Up Board is assembled and tested in the UK. 

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1 x Light Up Board (requires Micro USB cable for power, cable not included)

Pack Details:

Made in the UK
Height / 2.5cm / 1.0in
Width / 13.5cm / 5.3in
Depth / 10.5cm / 4.1in
Weight / 0.039kg / 1.38oz
Ages: 14+